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Dreams break ponies. That's when most of us snap! Is during a dream! One fucked up, amazingly horrible dream! Dreams break ponies like rocks break glass! They're picking me for there next bloody target. For the past month I've been having the same weird dream. But always with a different ending. The dream is: I wake up on a roof top, make my way down.....find bodies of ponies I know. All mutilated in the worst possible ways. Corpses litter the streets. The survivors of the chaos accuse me. They try to kill me with....knives, shovels, sharp pointy sticks. Anything they can find.....They want nothing but to kill me.......I get cornered.....The feeling becomes strong...I kill all of them...violently....I find my way to my house....Everypony I know and love.....Scorch, Beara, Acid, Star, Kendra, Scarlet, Neon, Jay, Blue a circle....dead.....But in the ring of corpses sits a blue....Unicorn...with a dark jacket....It's me.....Or at least...It looks like me......This is when the dream changes. But no matter ends with me killing....him.....myself...It always ends with me killing him in a different way each time....It gets more brutal each time..... The first time it was swift....but the last few times...I made them slower....and slower....and slower....but the most recent dream is what scared me the most....The....thing....stood up and looked me in the eye....It's eyes were....blood red....that's when I woke up...Freaky huh? It's been happening a lot this past month (It's been about a month since I last wrote) Oh! And hearts and hooves day is next week! And I already have Jay's present ready for her! It's not a huge thing it's just a little stuffed bear I got her....Note to self: Keep it away from Beara so he doesn't try to kill it. Oh! Speaking of Beara and death, (best way to start a sentence) I was hanging out at his place with the other mentals and Neon. Neon and Scorch were being all....lovey, dovey with eachother like normal. (I'm sorry. I meant 3 guys, Neon, and Neon's bitch)....Wait a minute.... Is that how I act when I'm around Jay?..Does this make me Jay's bitch? I'll have to look into that, anyways. Me and Beara, and Neon were playing cards (Poker to be exact. Witch sucks since I can't fucking play it right) And by playing I mean I yelled at Beara's cat when it jumped on the table. Hey! Beara already shook all the money out of me when we played Blackjack. I think Beara's a crooked dealer! That or he has the luck of a fucking city shuck! Whatever it is it turned me damn near broke. Second note to self: Stop playing card games with Beara. Ha! But when it comes to dice games we all suck at life! I remember a few weeks back we tried Hazard and Beara threw the dice at Scorch and they got into a fight. That was a fun show. Back to the game, so the three were playing poker and I haven't a fucking clue who was winning
"I raise" Neon pushed her chips in
"Are you sure?" Beara asked holding his poker face
"I'm as sure as you are a little bitch" Neon said holding the exact same face
"Oh really?" Beara said "....all in" He pushed all of his chips up
I could see it in Neon's eyes... Beara made a mistake...
"I'm all in too bitch," Neon said "Show me what ya got"
They threw the last two cards down......They lied in Neon's favor
"You're fucking kidding me!" Beara said in shcok
"Nope" Neon smiled
"Fuck me," Beara said "Nova, Scorch. You two wanna get in on this?"
"No" Scorch said
"Ha!" I said "Hell no! I don't want to give Neon all my money...That's Scorches job"
"Go blow a popsicle, Light" Scorch said
"Okay Firestorm" I said mocking him
"...You see, you drown out everything" He said
"Yeah....right" I slouched a little
I don't know why but that slightly offends me....
So after watching Beara loose his dignity and half of his money to Neon... We decided to go hang out at Scorches place (He lives with his cousins due to the fact he burnt his own house to the ground)  and let me just say...I know why he stays at Beara's so much....I say that because....I met his cousin....Nexus Skyfire....and her brother....But let me take a minute to talk about Nexus. She's 14, orange fur, green eyes, and grade A psycho bitch! Neon's bad, Nexus is just....awful! Violent, rude, and from Canterlot......Do I need to go on? I think even Neon had hard feelings about Nexus....NEON! The pony that nearly broke Beara's back! Now I don't know about you, but I think somethings up with Nexus.....meh. She's just another pony to ignore. And I only see her when I hang out at Scorches witch is rare.....Scorch lives with Beara actually. But sometimes stays with his cousin (Why? I don't know). After going to Scorches we all got pissed off at (guess who!) Nexus....I don't know how but I found myself trotting with Scorch.
"So.." I said
"What?" He asked "Why do you do that? Just say "soo" out of no where?!"
"So we don't remain in awkward silence..." I answered
"Oh" He blandly said
"Yeah.. Jackass" I said
"So what magical convorasted hell do I have to go through this time?" He asked
"Whats up with you and Neon?" I asked
"Uh," He thought "Same thing with you and Jay I guess...Why?"
"Um.." I said "Just askin'"
"I think it's more of uh" He thought more "Friends with benefits?"
"Just friends?" I asked
"Well," He said "I....think we might be closer but-"
"What?" I asked
"But" He said "Well...I don't really...know"
"How do you not know?!" I asked
"I don't know!" He said "It's complicated"
"Not really" I smiled
"Shut up Light." He said "Just shut up"
"Speaking of Neon," I said "What did you two do that one time when we were hanging out and she said she needed your help or something like that?" I asked him
"Wha-" he began "Oooh. That time"
"Well" I asked
He just chuckled....I now don't want the answer to that question.....It's cool hanging out with Scorch. I guess the saying is "Friends that escape psychiatric hospitals together stick together" or "Friends that hold shards of glass to eachother's necks stick together" one of those two. Even though he scared the crap out of me with the glass thing. Scorch is still a pretty loyal friend. I mean take Saraph and his goons for example. He came with Beara and Acid to help! Sure Beara and the little guy are pretty loyal too but still. Well I should work on Jay's Hearts and Hooves day present more. I guess I'll write more latter.....maybe...
This is the Diary of Nova Light. A 13 year old pony in depression due to his parents death. 
Nova lives with his sister: Star Light, and his two step sisters Kendra and Scarlet Skyfire. 
At a point in time Nova's counselor offered to give him a diary. Nova accepted this gift and started to wright in it.....Feeling that this book might either be a huge help...or a huge waste of time..
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